Our Stellar Work

All jobs, big or small, receive the highest level of quality and attention to detail. We take pride in making every customer 100% satisfied. No matter how complicated or unique a job might be, we will get it done. We have all the necessary tools and chemicals to clean even the dirtiest items. Check out some of our jobs below.

24 Hours to Hell and Back with Gordon Ramsay

BN Cleaning was selected to assist Gordon Ramsay’s team with the heroic task of getting three restaurants operational at the same time after two floods destroyed much of the historic city, Ellicott City, MD, causing over $10 Million in damage, and sadly taking the lives of three people. Click here to learn more.

SubCom is the leading global partner for today's undersea data transport requirements. Being at sea for long periods of time, the window to clean their ships is quite small, creating a large challenge. Click here to learn more about how we overcame. 

TE SubCom
The Historic Guinness Brewery

Guinness Opened the legendary Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore, MD back in 2015. This brewery is a center of exploration and innovation in barrel-aging and is on the site of the historic Calvert distillery in Baltimore County. With history in our hands, find out how we protected the site while making it shine. Click here for more. 

Many of the conference-goers keep kosher, requiring the koshering of the entire kitchen and equipment. This cleaning requires many steps, precautions and special knowledge. Click here to find out more about how we accomplished this large task. 

Koshering for the AIPAC Convention at the Washington Convention Center