By accepting a quote or scheduling a Job from B&N Enterprises, LLC, you agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below:

You agree to receive communications from B&N Enterprises, LLC via text (sms) messages, email, and/or phone calls. 

Estimates are only valid for 30 days. Prices may change after 30 days. 

BN proposes to furnish all labor, materials, and equipment necessary for your cleaning services. 

All services will be completed in accordance with local, state, and federal codes, including NFPA #96.

Work will be performed after the facility has closed or before cooking operations begin in the morning, unless approved by the scheduling department and customer.

CONDITIONS: Customer will be responsible for removing all food and other cooking and food paraphernalia from the cleaning area to provide our service technicians full access to your kitchen exhaust system. We are not responsible for any damage to food items, cooking items and equipment or anything left in the area to be cleaned. We are not responsible for damage caused to equipment that needed to be moved to complete the service. Deficiencies in the Kitchen Exhaust System, kitchen, kitchen equipment, and location will be noted to the best of our technicians’ ability, prior to the cleaning. BN does not clean or service any kitchen equipment components close to or in the same area as the motor of said equipment. The risk for damage of the system is too great. BN will only clean these areas of equipment if a customer gives us written explicit permission and revokes and right to claim damage. BN is not responsible to fix, replace, or pay for damage or deficiencies noted prior to the work. Claims cannot be made to pre-noted deficiencies, before, during, or after the service. Every conceivable effort shall be made to remove all grease, dirt, lint and other foreign deposits from the system(s) and equipment described in your estimate/ quote. But we shall not be held responsible for failure to remove any grease, dirt, lint, or foreign deposits that may be inaccessible due to obstructions in or to said system(s), nor cleaning of the automatic fire extinguishing systems or any component parts, nor for the accidental discharge of same during or after our cleaning operations. It shall be the owner’s responsibility to disarm and reactivate all such systems unless specifically agreed upon between BN and customer. We will not be responsible for the failure to remove carbonized or baked on deposits for services unless specifically stated herein. Customer may notice some water dripping from the exhaust system, dripping is normal and not cause for alarm, nor does this mean the system was not cleaned. To minimize the dripping, Technicians will turn on the exhaust system before leaving to facilitate the drying of the system. Contractor is not responsible for any claims regarding incomplete work or damage unless reported to us within 72 hours after performance of the service. Clean drop cloths or other suitable covering will be provided to ensure full protection of the areas in which the work is performed, and our technicians will leave such areas in a broom-clean condition. After receipt of the contract and/or purchase order, the scheduling department will arrange in advance a mutually convenient time that would cause the least amount of interference with your business. Customer is subject to an additional charge of 50% of the contract amount if contractor is prevented by customer or customers agent from performing a scheduled and confirmed job and/or service or if a service is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled service. Any delays in time of cleaning due to circumstances not solely under contractor’s control shall relieve contractor from any claim for damages resulting from such delays. B&N will be unable to assume liability for inaccessible ductwork.

If equipment or tools are purchased to complete work that was approved by the customer and the customer cancels or revokes their approval, they will be liable for the cost of the equipment and tools. 

INSURANCE: We carry 1 million dollars of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and an additional 2 million dollars of Umbrella Liability. Our employees are covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, evidence of which will be provided upon request. 

PRICE: All labor, equipment and material described herein shall be furnished for the sum(s) agreed upon in estimate/ quote. Credit card payments will be assessed with a 3.5% surcharge. 

TERMS: Due upon receipt, unless approved by BN. If payment is not received at the due date on your invoice and/or quote, a daily 3% late fee may be added to the invoice, subject to our discretion. Customer agrees to pay all costs in connection with the collection of any outstanding invoices including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, court costs, collection costs and interest @ 12%.

SMS Terms and Conditions Policy for B&N Enterprises, LLC
Thank you for subscribing to B&N Enterprises, LLC SMS service. By opting in to receive SMS messages from us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Message frequency may vary: You agree to receive recurring automated promotional and informational text (SMS) messages from B&N Enterprises, LLC including text messages that may be sent using an automatic telephone dialing system. The frequency of these messages may vary depending on your activity with us. Message and data rates may apply.

Opt-out: You may opt-out of our SMS service at any time by texting STOP to the messaging number. You will receive a one-time opt-out confirmation text message. After that, you will no longer receive any text messages from B&N Enterprises, LLC. If you want to join again, please email

These updated Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement") are entered into by and between B&N Enterprises, LLC (dba BN Commercial Cleaning and Fire Protection) with its principal office located at 9597 Norfolk Ave, Laurel, MD 20723, hereinafter referred to as the "Company," and [[[INVALID_TOKEN]] at [[INVALID_TOKEN]], [[INVALID_TOKEN]] [[INVALID_TOKEN]] [[INVALID_TOKEN]], [[INVALID_TOKEN]] [[INVALID_TOKEN]]], hereinafter referred to as the "Client." This Agreement is applicable to all services provided by the Company.

For Terms specific to Fire Services, please see 13. 

1. Acceptance of Estimate

By accepting the estimate provided by the Company, the Client agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. The estimate shall be considered a binding agreement upon acceptance.

 2. Payment Terms

All jobs are to be conducted on a Cash on Delivery (COD) basis unless different payment terms are explicitly approved by the Company. Any alternative payment arrangements must be made in writing and approved by the Company prior to the commencement of services. If the Client saves Credit Card, Debit Card of Bank information to their profile, the Company is given permission to charge the payment method in accordance with the agreed-upon payment terms.

3. Scope of Work

The services provided by the Company shall be limited to the work explicitly listed on the work order, estimate, or any other mutually agreed-upon document. Any additional work or changes to the scope of work must be documented and agreed upon in writing by both parties. No equipment will be moved without explicit permission from the Client. No liability of damage caused by moving equipment can be assigned to the Company. Cleaning under cooking equipment is not included in any service unless floor cleaning is specifically included in the estimate. Equipment must be moved out of the way for these cleanings. 

4. Late Payments

Payments are due as per the agreed-upon terms. Any late payments will incur a late fee of 3% per month after the due date. The Client shall be responsible for any reasonable collection costs incurred by the Company in case of non-payment.

5. Trip Charges

The Company may assess a trip charge, not exceeding $300, under the, but not limited to, following circumstances:

a. Cancellation of service without providing at least 24 hours notice. 

b. Inadequate access to the Client's building, kitchen, and/or roof that prevents the scheduled work from being completed.

c. Being turned away by a representative of the Client.

6. Additional Requirements

a. Access panels in the ductwork are required to be installed and accessible in accordance with your local authority having jurisdiction and any relevant NFPA code.

b. Filter cleaning is not included in the hood cleaning service. You must request this service separately.

c. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from or caused by water spray or any other part of the cleaning process. 

d. Customer agrees that the Company shall not be responsible for damages arising from the short-circuiting of electrical outlets on the floor of the area to be cleaned or within six inches of any surface to be cleaned.

e. Customer agrees to remove all food items, cooking equipment, or any other kitchen items that may be damaged from the area to be cleaned prior to the commencement of services. The Company will take all necessary steps to protect your equipment and prevent any damage to your property. However, the Company cannot accept any liability for damage caused to any property in or near the service area at the time of service. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of food or food items during the course of services provided. The Client is responsible for removing any such items from the cleaning area. 

f. Prices are subject to increase without prior notice. 

g. All photos and videos taken by the Company are property of the company and can be used in any way, including, but not limited to, promotional material, AHJ requests, insurance requests, and more. 

7. Validity of Estimates

Estimates provided by the Company are only valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

8. Roof and Equipment

The Company is not responsible for any roof damage or leaks caused by grease on the roof. The Company cannot be held liable for any issues with the entire hood or fan system. Regular maintenance shall be performed on the hood system by the Customer in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, instructions and specifications.

9. Delays and Responsibility

Any delays caused by the Customer due to interference with the work schedule, material delivery, changes in work, or concealed conditions that result in increased costs to the Company shall be at the expense of the Customer.

10. Materials Furnished by Others

In the event of materials furnished by others, all such materials shall be delivered to the jobsite not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the installation of the required materials. The Company shall make a requisition with sufficient notice to the provider for such materials. The Company shall bear no responsibility for provider-generated quantities, specifications, suitability for intended use, or timely delivery of such materials and consequent delay, if any.

11. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

All work done by the Company will be in accordance with local, federal, and state laws, including NFPA codes. This proposal does not include any changes and/or modifications that the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) may impose during the plan review and/or inspection process. If the work done requires any documentation or reporting to be sent to an AHJ, the cost of this will be billed to the customer including a service fee. All hood systems, ducts, fans, and any other attached equipment must be up to code per your local AHJ and Fire Codes. Any damage caused to the Client due to out-of-compliance systems cannot be attributed nor liability assigned to the Company. 

12. Inspection Limitations

The owner and/or designated representative acknowledge the responsibility for the operating condition of the component parts at the time of this inspection. It is agreed that the inspection service provided by the Company as prescribed herein is limited to performing a visual inspection and/or routine testing. Any investigation, unscheduled testing, modification, maintenance, repair, etc., of the component parts is not included as part of the inspection work performed. The Client is responsible to maintain and service their equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, instructions, and specifications. Any damage to equipment cannot be attributed to our cleaning service unless proof of up-to-date maintenance can be provided. 

13. Fire Protection Services

a. If you have a monitored fire alarm the Client must put it in test mode prior to the system inspection. Any extra time added to the job caused by an alarm or fire department dispatch over the allotted 2 hours for a system inspection will be added to the invoice at a rate of $140 per man-hour.

b. All kitchen equipment must be turned off AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to the scheduled service time. All kitchen equipment and cooking equipment must be cold to the touch. Any delay in work caused by hot equipment is subject to labor costs being assessed.

c. Additional parts and labor may be required to complete service outside of the quoted price. No additional work will be completed without authorization from an onsite representative.

d. All inspection, maintenance, or any other work done on fire protection equipment will be performed in accordance with any relevant NFPA codes, and state, local, and federal law. 

e. The Client and/or designated representative acknowledges the responsibility for the operating condition of the component parts at the time of this inspection period it is agreed that the inspection service provided by the Company as prescribed herein is limited to performing a visual inspection and/or routine testing and any investigation or unscheduled testing, modification, maintenance, repair, etc. of the component parts is not included as part of the inspection work performed it is further understood that all information contained herein is provided to the best of the knowledge of the party providing such information.

f. The Client and/or representative acknowledges the Company inspected the fire equipment in its current state/ condition. The inspection is limited to the moment the Company technician inspected the equipment. The Company is not responsible for any changes to the equipment or its components after the inspection and will void the tag on the system if any changes are made. 

g. Hood Suppression System Inspections are only valid for the current equipment type and layout at the time of service. ANY change in location, type, or layout of the equipment voids the tag provided on the system and the Company cannot be held liable for any damages or fires. 

14. Disclaimer

All information contained herein is provided to the best of the knowledge of the party providing such information.

By accepting the estimate provided by the Company, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these updated Terms and Conditions. In case of any questions or concerns regarding these terms, the Client should seek clarification from the Company before accepting the estimate. The Terms and Conditions on this document are to be treated as the most accurate and up-to-date version. All other versions are null and void. 

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