By accepting a quote from B&N Enterprises, LLC, you agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below. 

BN propose to furnish all labor, materials and equipment necessary for your cleaning services. 
All services will be completed in accordance with local, state, and federal codes, including NFPA #96.
Work will be performed after the facility has closed or before cooking operations begin in the morning, unless approved by the scheduling department.
B&N Technicians will NOT move your kitchen equipment to clean behind or under the equipment.


Customer will be responsible for removing all food and other cooking and food paraphernalia from the cleaning area to provide our service technicians full access to your kitchen exhaust system. Every conceivable effort shall be made to remove all grease, dirt, lint and other foreign deposits from the system(s) and equipment described in your estimate/ quote. But we shall not be held responsible for failure to remove any grease, dirt, lint or foreign deposits that may be inaccessible due to obstructions in or to said system(s), nor cleaning of the automatic fire extinguishing systems or any component parts, nor for the accidental discharge of same during or after our cleaning operations. It shall be the owner’s responsibility to disarm and reactivate all such systems unless specifically agreed upon between BN and customer. We will not be responsible for the failure to remove carbonized or baked on deposits or services unless specifically stated herein. Customer may notice some water dripping from the exhaust system, Minimal dripping is normal and not cause for alarm. To minimize the dripping, Technicians will turn on the exhaust system before leaving to facilitate the drying of the system. Contractor is not responsible for any claims regarding completed unless reported to us within 72 hours after performance of same. Clean drop cloths or other suitable covering will be provided to ensure full protection to the areas in which the work is performed, and our workmen will leave such areas in a broom-clean condition. After receipt of the contract and/or purchase order, the scheduling department will arrange in advance a mutually convenient time that would cause the least amount of interference with your business. Customer is subject to an additional charge of 50% of contract amount if contractor is prevented by customer or customers agent from performing a scheduled and confirmed assignment or if a service is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled service. Any delays in time of cleaning due to circumstances not solely under contractor’s control shall relieve contractor from any claim for damages resulting from such delays. *B&N will be unable to assume liability for inaccessible ductwork.


We carry 1 million dollars of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and an additional 2 million dollars of Umbrella Liability. Our employees are covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, evidence of which will be provided upon request. 


All labor, equipment and material described herein shall be furnished for the sum(s) agreed upon in estimate/ quote. Credit card payments will be assessed a 3.5% surcharge. 


Net 30 days. If payment is not received at the due date on your invoice and/or quote, a daily 3% late fee will be added to the invoice. Customer agrees to pay all costs in connection with the collection of any outstanding invoices including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, court costs, collection costs and interest @ 12%.